About Us

The Alameda 360 Gourmet was established in 1986.  We have no affiliation with any other 360 Gourmet in the SF Bay Area.  We use the original formulations and the same pristine ingredients as it was when the concept got started here.  All sauces and dressings are made in house.

Our Journey

It was in 1986 that our friend and mentor Wafi decided to open what would later become 360 Gourmet in Albany, CA. He called it Hot Shop Gourmet, and still is being operated there under that name. Today the first 360 Gourmet being credited as store number one is in Alameda, CA.

Wafi was fed up with pre-made fast food menus and wanted to have freshly made-to-order food with pristine ingredients. No lard, no MSG, no preservatives, and no hydrogenated oils were among his priorities. Local organic lightly smoked dense tofu was a rare commodity in quick service restaurants back then.

Today, he has trusted us with carrying the same torch to maintain the integrity of the concept he originated. We have evolved into areas such as vegan, vegetarian, Gluten Free, low sodium, organic and non-GMO. We are adamant about buying Fresh and Local. We are not trying to compete with the big wrap establishments, but rather to cater to the customer special needs.

We make foods that are prepared fast, fresh and healthy with emphasis on being delicious. Our belief is that YOU EAT WELL, YOU LIVE WELL.


Javier Benites, Proprietor
Sam Zarnegar, Catering
360 Gourment
853 Marina Village Parkway, Alameda, CA  94501

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday:  8:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday:  8:00am - 8:00pm

How It's Made

Our principle has always been not to mask or cover up or misrepresent any ingredient that we work with to prepare your foods. In reality the word 'natural' used for ingredients in many restaurants does not represent anything. We will not make any claims we cannot stand behind.

Our Proteins

We use a local meat company.
Chicken - Fresh (never frozen) skinless, boneless breast of chicken is marinated and flame broiled.
Steak - Beef Fresh (never frozen) - Ball Tip beef that is hand-trimmed, marinated and flame broiled.
Salmon - Wild Alaskan salmon that is boneless and skinless, and is individually Quick Frozen (IQF).
Fish - Filet of fish is boneless, skinless farmed Tilapia (IQF).
Prawn - Farmed large, white prawns (IQF).
Tofu - Local organic firm, dense tofu.


Rice - Jasmine rice and extra long rice cooked in three varieties.
Spanish (Vegan) - Cooked with California tomatoes, herbs and spices.
White (Vegan) - Jasmine rice steamed with very little Canola oil.
Beans (Vegan and Fat Free) - We use triple washed Black Beans and Pinto Beans
prepared with no oil with herbs and spices.



We buy from local produce markets, such as Berkeley Bowl Marketplace and Monterey Market,
and other local establishments. We buy and use non-GMO produce.


From a local tortilla company, Vegan and made with no hydrogenated oil.
Sauces and Dressings are all house made from scratch.  We only use Canola oil and olive oil.

ALL OUR FOOD IS GLUTEN FREE. Exceptions are tortillas (from wheat), Teriyaki, and Chipotle dressing.