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All Major Credit Cards are Accepted. For Fax Orders, please give Phone Number, so Order can be Verified and Pick-up or Delivery Time can be worked out, and order can be paid for by Credit Card. Non-Taxed Delivery Charge may apply. All items subject to Sales Tax. Upon request, complimentary napkins, plates and utensils can be provided. We will accommodate any customizations upon request. Some items may require 24-48 hour notice.


Chicken Skewers ... $30.00
(Dozen Skewers)
Chicken Breast Teriyaki or Thai Style Flame Broiled and Skewered, Garnished.

Crudites Platter ... $70
(Serves 25-30)

Seasonally available Specialty Vegetables served with your Choice of 360 and/or Ranch Dressing.

Pasta Primavera ... $30
(Serves 10-15 as side)
Simple and delicious, made with all fresh veggies in a mild citrus vinaigrette. Gluten free pasta available upon request.

Artisan Cheese Platter ... $65.00
(Serves 20-25)
Cocktail cuts of baby Swiss, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Colby with Brie wedge. Served with fruit and crackers.

Wrap Platter ... $50.00
(Serves 15-20)
Flame Broiled Chicken Breast with Romaine, Cilantro, Tomato, and House 360 dressing, wrapped and cut on bias. Decoratively arranged as Finger Food on Platter.

Chips & Guacamole ... $40.00
(Serves 25-30)
Two Guacamoles, one mild salsa, one hot salsa with mounds of corn tortilla chips.

Cookie Platter ... $35.00
(Serves 15-20)
With fresh Fruit Garnish.


Burrito ... $5.00 per person
(Minimum 10)

Eggs, Cheese (fancy blend of cheddar and jack), Pinto Beans, Fire Roasted Ranchero Sauce in Flour Tortilla.
With Bacon, Chicken Apple Sausage, Chorizo, Spinach or Avocado
... $6.00 per person

Muffin Platter ... $35.00
(Serves 10-15)

Variety of fresh baked muffins on platter, fruit garnished.

Fresh Fruit Salad ... $40.00
(Serves 10-15)

Cut variety of Fresh Fruit in Season, garnished.


Coffee (organic and fair trade, dark roast) or Tea (100% tip leaves)
... $2.50 per person
(Minimum 10)

Served with Sweeteners, Half & Half and/or milk.

Fresh Orange Juice
... $2.50 per person
(Minimum 10)

Other Drinks ... Please Inquire.
Canned Sodas, Bottled Waters, Variety of Ice Teas.

SALADS (Serves 10-15)

Aztec Bean Salad ... $35.00
Black Beans, Roasted Corn Kernals, Bell Peppers, Red Onions tossed with Cumin, Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Mediterranean Greek Salad
... $40.00

Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, English Cucumber, Red Onion, Kalamato Olives, Feta Cheese, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, served with Citrus Dressing.

California Green ... $35.00
Romaine Heart, Red Onion, Vine Tomato, English Cucumber, Shredded Carrot, served with Garlic Lime or Vinaigrette Dressing.


Light Lunch Burrito
... $6.00 per person
(Minimum 15)

Rice, Black Beans, Cheese, Salsa in Flour Tortilla. Choose from Chicken Breast or Veggies.

Regular Burrito ... $8.00 per person
(Minimum 10)

Regular Burrito with Rice, Black Beans, Cheese,
Salsa in flour tortilla. Choose from Chicken Breast, Steak,or fresh mixed Veggies (no chees, sub avocado). Add $1/person to sautee with Bell Peppers, Red Onion and one of our sauces (Cajun, Thai or Teriyaki)

Lunch Box ... $12.00 per person
(Minimum 10)

Traditional Burrito, Tortilla Chips, Salsa, Petit Fruit Cup and Can Soda or Bottled Water. Choose from Chicken Breast, Steak or mixed Veggies.

(For Burrito or Taco Bars)

Rice, Vegan (Serves 10-15)
One Half Pan: $13.00
Full Pan: $25.00

Beans, Vegan (Serves 10-15)
One Half Pan: $13.00
Full Pan: $25.00

Breast of Chicken (1 lb. Serves 4 )
... $12.00 per lb.
Marinated & Flame Broiled.

Steak (1 lb. Serves 4)
... $13.00 per lb.

Lean, Marinated & Flame Broiled.

Guacamole (Serves 10) ... $10.00
Fresh Made with Hass Avocados.

Salsa (Serves 10) ... $8
Mild Fire Roasted Red, Hot Fire Roasted Tomatillo, or Pico de Gallo.

Fresh Mixed Veggies
(1 lb. Serves 4)
... $10.00 per lb.

Array of Vegetables in Season.

Sour Cream (1 lb. Serves 4) ... $8

Tortilla Chips (Light Salt)
(Serves 10 - 15) ... $10
(Serves 25 - 30) ... $15

Tortilla (Variety of Flour and Corn)
(Serves 10 - 15) ... $10

( Download Catering Menu - PDF )